M. Batuhan Eser

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Following the completion of his bachelor study at the Başkent University Faculty of Law in 2004 and subsequent lawyer internship, Batuhan Eser practiced as a lawyer registered with Ankara Bar from the beginning of 2005. He completed his Master of Laws degree in the field of International Commercial Dispute Resolution at the University of Westminster in London in 2009.

His areas of expertise are concentrated particularly on the fields of Energy Law, Construction Law, Companies Law, International Law, and International Commercial Arbitration. Since the beginning of his professional life, he has provided legal support to many local and foreign clients. Mr. Eser has comprehensive experience and knowledge of petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities, transportation and storage activities, sales and marketing activities, electricity production, supply and trade, company establishment and structuring, due diligence procedures and project financing of construction and infrastructure projects.

M. Batuhan Eser
M. Batuhan Eser


  • Ankara Bar (2005)
  • Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN)
  • AIPN Unconventional JOA Model Preparation Committee
  • AIPN Model Farm-out Agreement (revision of 2004 Model agreement) Preparation Committee
  • TED Ankara College Alumni Association


“Evaluation of the Licence Adaptation Process within the Scope of the New Turkish Petroleum Law” EIF International Energy Congress – October 2014

“What the Turkish Petroleum Law No.6491 Introduces and its Potential Contributions to the Petroleum Exploration Sector” EIF International Energy Congress – October 2013

“Evaluation of the Geothermal Energy Law” Yazıcı Law Journal – 2014


Turkish (mother-tongue), English (advanced level)


Petroleum and Natural Gas

– Comprehensive experience and knowledge of the upstream (exploration and production), midstream (transportation, storage, and processing), and downstream (commerce and sales) sectors of the petroleum and natural gas sector.

– As the legal consultant of an association composed of private companies active in the petroleum exploration and production sector in Turkey, Mr. Eser was involved and lead the legal team for private sector in the meetings and negotiations at the Turkish Grand National Assembly Energy Commission, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs during the legislation of new Turkish Petroleum Law and the Turkish Petroleum Law Implementation Regulations.

– He has provided legal support to local and foreign companies acting in Turkey during the legislation activities concerning the Natural Gas Market and has provided support to such companies on their liaison with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Markets Regulatory Authority.

– He has provided legal consultation to international petroleum companies, from countries such as Turkey, Ghana, the Kurdistan Regional Government, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, in their negotiations with governmental bodies concerning Production Sharing Agreements and other licences, and concession rights with respect to exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

– He has provided legal support to local and foreign companies in relation to petroleum licence applications, and development of their relations with the relevant state agencies and other private companies acting in the same sector.

– He has prepared, negotiated, and administered Joint Operating Agreements, Farmout/Farmin Agreements, Seismic, Drilling, Well Site Services and other service agreements, Natural Gas Process and Natural Gas Sales Agreements, Petroleum Sales Agreements, and other agreements concerned with petroleum-natural gas.

– Mr. Eser has expertise on the field of unconventional oil and gas operations especially with respect to setting up legal underground for activities concerning shale gas and oil.

– He has provided legal support in pipeline construction and operating projects in Turkey, and has worked lawyer in two large international pipeline projects that transited within the borders (onshore and offshore) of Turkey.

– He has provided legal support to one of Turkey’s largest energy groups on a project to transport and import natural gas produced from a significant offshore production field in Israel.

– He lead the legal team in a $7 million international arbitration case relating to a Norwegian oil and gas company’s dispute with a state petroleum company, which resulted in the favour of the client in its entirety.

Electricity and Renewable Energy Resources

– He has provided legal support to various local and foreign companies active in the electricity market in Turkey, and consultancy services to such companies licencing processes, and in their relations with state agencies (particularly, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Energy Markets Regulatory Authority, the General Directorate of Renewable Energy, and the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works) and with other private companies.

– He has provided legal support to local and foreign clients regarding the Electricity Markets Law, the Electricity Markets Licence Regulation, the Renewable Energy Law, the Geothermal Energy Law, and other legislation relating to electricity and renewable energy resources.

– He has provided legal support as head legal counsel to a consortium member in two hydroelectric power plants planned to have a total installed capacity of 650 MW in the south east of Turkey.

– He has provided consultant services to a large energy-construction group in Turkey on the establishment, licence procedures, and other operational subjects, of Wind Energy Power Plants with total installed capacity of 250MW.

– He has prepared, negotiated and executed EPC Contracts concerning power plants, Turbine Supply and Installation Agreements, Operation and Maintenance Agreements, Electricity Supply and Sales Agreements, and other kinds of contracts concerned with the electricity market.

– He served as head legal counsel of a consortium established by two large Turkish companies in the privatisation process of the Başkent Electricity Distribution Company.

– He has provided consultant services relating to investment and licencing processes to companies active in the field of geothermal energy.

– He has provided legal support to companies active in the fields of wholesale sales, commerce, and OTC in the electricity trading markets, and to companies involved in the brokerage of electricity and other energy stocks.

Construction and Infrastructure

– He has represented local and foreign construction companies concerning construction projects in various countries, mainly in Turkey, Dubai, Yemen, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

– He has served as the legal consultant for an important construction company in Turkey concerning PPP Hospital Projects in Ankara, Izmir, and Kocaeli, each of which was one of the largest capacity hospital projects in Turkey and in Europe.

– Mr. Eser provided legal consultation for one of the consortium partners in the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway and Kocaeli Bridge Crossing project.

– He has prepared, negotiated, and executed Design and Construction Agreements, Infrastructure and Supply Agreements, Concession Agreements (BO, BOT, PPP), EPC Contracts, FIDIC and FAR Model Contracts, and other kinds of agreements concerning the construction sector.

– He has provided legal support to clients on EBRD-IFS financing, non-recourse/limited recourse project financing, bank and private loans, shareholder and third party financing, and carried out the collateral security arrangements relating to these.

Companies Law

– He has provided legal consultation to local and foreign companies on the incorporation and tax structure set-up in Turkey.

– He has provided legal support to local and foreign companies in mergers and acquisitions and due diligence procedures.

– He has drafted, negotiated and administered Share Transfer Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, and other kinds of agreements concerning corporate law.

– He provided legal support to clients in their investments to international funds and in venture capital law, corporate structuring for venture capitals with a view to identify most appropriate tax and legal scheme, drafted and negotiated contracts executed between investors and venture capital funds.

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