Energy Law

Oil & Natural Gas

  • Provision of legal support to local and foreign oil & natural gas companies in exploration-production, storage, transmission, and hydrocarbon trading activities both in Turkey and abroad.
  • Provision of consultation on oil and natural gas legislation in Turkey and other countries including Middle East and former Soviet Union jurisdictions, and preparation of necessary concession and licence applications within the scope of our clients’ activities and follow-up with the relevant public authorities.
  • Preparation, review, negotiation, and administration of Production Sharing Contracts and other concession agreements to be signed with relevant governmental institutions.
  • Preparation, negotiation, and administration of Joint Operating Agreements to be signed with other companies, service agreements (seismic, drilling, well, and other services), exploration and production agreements, oil and gas marketing contracts, agreements for setting up and running of operation facilities, and agreements for sale, transportation and storage of petroleum-natural gas (CNG-LNG) as well as resolution of any disputes which may arise during the execution of such agreements.
  • Provision of legal support that our clients may need within the framework of the transmission, storage, import-export, and sales activities of Petroleum and Natural Gas (including CNG or LNG), providing legal counsel relating to legislation concerning the petroleum and natural gas markets, preparation and administration of licence applications for importation, transportation, storage and wholesales of hydrocarbon commodities.

Electrical Energy & Renewable Energy Sources

  • Provision of legal consultation services to our clients with regards to legislation, licencing, contracts, and resolution of disputes relating to the production of electricity through the use of renewable sources (hydro-electric, geothermal, wind, solar, biogas, biomass, etc.) or coal and gas.
  • Preparation and administration of the licencing applications and relevant procedures, especially at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).
  • Drafting, negotiation, and administration of EPC contracts, construction contracts, equipment procurement contracts, and operation and maintenance agreements concerning power production facilities (coal, natural gas cycle power plants, hydro-electric power plants, wind, solar, geothermal).
  • Provision of legal support that our clients may require within the framework of electrical energy transmission, distribution, import-export, and wholesale/retail sales activities, providing legal support relating to legislation for market activities.