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İşçi avukatı (Turkey employment lawyer)

Employment Law

Kurucu Law Offices provides legal services to employers and employers in all matters they may need regarding employment (labor) law. In this context, Kurucu Law Firm examines / drafts employment contracts, tailors workplace internal regulations, and monitors compliance with occupational health and safety issues.


In addition, Kurucu Law Office follows up the labor cases (employment lawsuits) arising from employment law through all mediation, litigation and enforcement stages. Employment lawsuits that fall under the expertise of Kurucu Law Offices include both cases arising from employment receivables (overtime, severance pay, UBGT receivables, weekly holiday wages, severance pay, notice indemnity) and other civil and criminal cases arising from work accidents.

The employment law department of the Kurucu Law Offices is managed by Serdar Can Özaltınlı.

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