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Rekabet avukatı (turkey competition anti-trust lawyer)

Competition Law

Ankara-based Kurucu Law Offices also provides legal services in the field of competition law. Kurucu Law Offices has been involved in competition law processes since the notification of preliminary investigation reports of agreements, decisions and concerted practices restricting competition and investigations regarding abuse of dominant position. Kurucu Law Offices manages the investigations carried out before the Competition Board on behalf of its clients, including the oral defense meetings, and carries out the processes of annulment proceedings, if necessary.

In addition, Kurucu Law Offices provides advocacy and legal consultancy services to its clients in other areas of competition law such as notification of merger and acquisition processes, exemption and negative clearance requests.

Having mastered the economic dimension of competition law with its expert lawyers, Kurucu Law Offices is able to interpret the competition law-based needs of its clients from an economic perspective and offers sector-oriented consultancy services.

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