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Miras avukatı (Turkey inheritance lawyer)

Inheritance Law

Kurucu Law Offices follows all the inheritance law processes, including the assets of its clients abroad at first hand, by proxy. Within the framework of its legal services in this field, Kurucu Law Offices keeps its clients up-to-date on all processes related to their inheritance law needs. Within the scope of the attorneyship services it offers in the field of inheritance law, Kurucu Law Offices provides the provision of inheritance and succession documents, carries out the transfer and sales transactions, ensures that the title deeds are associated with the clients and carries out other related legal processes. With its expert staff, Kurucu Law Offices provides support to its domestic and foreign clients in the inheritance law processes both in Turkey and abroad.

The inheritance law department of the Kurucu Law Offices is managed by Serdar Can Özaltınlı, one of the best inheritance and estate lawyers in Turkey.

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