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An understanding that combines the business perspective with good  advocacy

With our qualified and dynamic team, we do not see your work as separate from our own work, and this is where we derive our real strength.



Kurucu Law Offices (“KURUCU”) was established in Ankara at the beginning of 2015 by three founding partners, each of whom is an expert in their own field. KURUCU focuses mainly in the fields of energy law, construction and infrastructure law, FIDIC and FAR contract management, international and domestic arbitration and commercial litigation, contract law, mergers and acquisitions, international trade, protection of personal data, employment law, inheritance law, real estate and family law. KURUCU, a law office based in Ankara and has a liaison office in Istanbul, serves to its clients with its personnel who have an excellent English command.​ 


KURUCU provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to its domestic and foreign clients, both in Turkey and abroad, in their projects and activities, together with various law offices and expert technical firms in its network, based on high quality, sincerity and honesty principles. KURUCU aims to meet the needs of the clients in all aspects, from the very beginning to the completion of the relevant project or legal process, by being always accessible and adapting to the needs of its clients as its own, and by keeping these goals at the forefront at every stage of its services..


While performing its services, each KURUCU member acts like professional business person, and thus grasps a broader perspective than of a lawyer by making use of their past experience and technical expertise.

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We serve our clients in all branches of energy law, particularly in the oil and natural gas, precious metals and electricity sectors, and take an active role in their relations with regulatory authorities and other third parties. Particular contracts of expertise include master services agreements, drilling agreements, farmout agreements, joint operating agreements, license purchase agreements and EFET contracts.

We provide consultancy to employers, contractors, engineers or subcontractors at all levels in construction and infrastructure works that have an international nature or are subject to a special legislation/contract, such as FIDIC and FAR Projects. Our experience in abroad in this regard includes a broad geography such as Georgia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ghana.

We represent our clients in leading arbitration institutions such as ICC, LCIA, ISTAC and ICAC in international and domestic arbitrations, and we successfully manage all processes from the beginning to the end of the relevant dispute. Our services include recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and setting aside proceedings. The arbitrations we have managed in this regard include proceedings arising from energy law, construction law and contracts law of a technical nature.

We effectively manage contract and claim processes on behalf of our clients in individual works contracts, especially in FIDIC and FAR Projects and contracts subject to public procurement legislation. We effectively manage submission of notices of claims, interim and final claims, time and cost impact analyses and if the contract is of a FIDIC kind, determination and dispute adjuciation board processes.

We provide support in solving the problems that have come to the dispute process, from the follow-up of all kinds of cases to mediation, from mediation to enforcement and bankruptcy law, and we follow our clients' business with all their processes. In this context, we follow cases in every field such as family law, inheritance law, insurance law and criminal law, as well as cases arising from fields such as work contracts, energy contracts, employment contracts.

The processes of general assembly processes including special transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, company and branch establishments, capital increase, all kinds of board of directors' resolutions, their registration before trade registry offices, and all processes that may require assistance regarding commercial law are for our clients from beginning to end. we manage.

We provide consultancy to our clients, both employers and employees, on issues they may need regarding labor law, prepare their contracts, manage their processes within the scope of the employment relationship, and follow the mediation and litigation processes.

We help our clients to operate in compliance with the legislation within the scope of both Law on Personal Data Protection and GDPR, prepare the necessary documents and policies in this regard, and also manage all applications/correspondences before the Personal Data Protection Authority, including the registration processes in the VERBIS system.

We offer our mediation services in both commercial and labor law, whether mandatory and voluntary mediation.

We offer active consultancy in all areas of competition law, from the preliminary investigation reports of anti-competitive agreements, decisions and concerted practices and investigations into abuse of dominant position to the oral defense meetings at the Competition Board, the management of the merger and acquisition processes, the exemption and negative clearance requests.

We provide legal consultancy services on various issues such as contract preparation and litigation on issues arising from the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and on industrial property such as trademarks, patents, utility models, and trade secrets.

We carry out the transfer and sale transactions of our clients, including their assets abroad, ensure that the title deeds are associated with the clients, and we carry out the legal processes in this context.


We provide sector-oriented strategic legal consultancy services to local and foreign investors in company mergers and divisions, venture capital investments, asset, workplace and share transfers, public company takeovers, and management of due diligence and contract processes related to all these issues.

We provide effective consultancy to our clients in all areas of divorce, including uncontested divorce, property regime, custody, personal relations with the child, follow-up of cases arising from family law and similar family law.

We represent our clients effectively in all investigation and prosecution processes and support the protection of their rights, including the execution of legal procedures.




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Batuhan ESER

Founding Partner

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Founding Partner

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irem pırıl gençgönül





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Yiğit Alp ASLAN

Legal Intern

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Legal Intern

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Eser Özdil



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Of Counsel

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Doruk İriş

Doruk İRİŞ

Of Counsel

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